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Roof Repairs Sydney

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Metal Roofing

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Roof Painting

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Who We Are

Who are Shield a Roof Restorers? Well, we are a group of experienced roofers who know how to fix every kind of roof imaginable, and we offer a range of services that other roofing companies just can't.

We have experienced roofers on staff who are ready to tackle any and all roof issues you may have, and they will work around your time frame as well.

Why should you choose Shield a Roof Restorers? Well, we have over ten years' experience in the roofing industry and have an ever-growing roster of young and eager workers.

What separates us from the competition?

If we had to make a list, it would be

  • Our Professionalism
  • Our Attention to Detail
  • Our Prices
  • Our Work Ethic
  • Our Experience

There are so many things that can go wrong with your roof and all of it can lead to further damage down the line such as

  1. Leaks

This is the most common problem we hear about, and although it is common, it can sometimes go undetected until it causes significant damage to the rest of your house. A leak, even a small one can allow water to enter your roof, which can cause water damage to the supporting beams, thus corrupting the integrity of your entire roof structure.

  1. Cracks

Cracks are formed when foreign objects such as rocks, twigs and branches make contact with your roof, damaging it in the process and leaking a noticeable mark. This can lead to leaks but can also serve as a way for animals to enter your roof and become trapped.

  1. Loose tiles

Loose tiles are easily fixed, but some people ignore them as they don't see a big issue with having just a few loose tiles on their roof, but they do pose a significant danger to you and those around you. Roof tiles can cause a lot of harm if they fall form your roof and hit someone who is directly underneath it, and the resulting injury can cause legal issues and leave you broke.

  1. Loose metal

Loose metal is a little more uncommon, but it still happens, and when it does, it can cause very big problems for you and your surrounding neighbours. If there is a big gust of wind and it picks up your loose metal panel, not only are you now without a section of your roof, but a large metal sheet is now out of control which could injure someone.

There are many ways in which your roof can become damaged and need repairing, and when your roof does need a touch-up or just all-around repair, you should think of Shield, a Roof Restorers.

Shield a Roof Restorers are equipped to not only fix small problems such as cracks and leaks, but we can also completely restore your roof to what it used to look like when you first installed it.

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